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While Facebook has apparently committed to fighting online incitement, its so-called ‘Community Standards’ are ambiguous and do not prevent those who want to spread hate or incite to terror from doing so. Insist that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook work harder to block incitement and hate!

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Khirbet Qeiyafa (Atara Beck, UWI)

On a tiny hilltop in the middle of the Elah Valley, near the city of Beit Shemesh, an ancient city was uncovered, with features and details that seem to match the biblical account of the region. Whether this discovery provides physical evidence of the existence of a Davidic stronghold in the Elah Valley is the… Read more »

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The Czech Republic recently caved to a Palestinian demand to order its schools to teach that Tel Aviv – not Jerusalem – is the capital of the State of Israel, but after an intense diplomatic intervention by Israel, the Slavic state backed down and decided to keep Jerusalem as the capital in all textbooks.

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Tourists can go from Israel’s holy sites through to experiencing floating in the Dead Sea, skiing, Tel Aviv, wineries, bars, hiking, the desert, the beaches, Masada and so much more; Israeli Judoka Olympic bronze medalist Yarden Gerbi auctioned her signed Olympic uniform nametag, and much more.