Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. (AP/Mohammed Zaatari)


Not only is eBay permitting people to sell Hezbollah paraphernalia, they blocked someone on social media who complained about it.

In January 2021, a man identified as Craig “noticed that an eBay seller named rentonstore was selling Hezbollah items – things like patches, flags and hats, which glorify the anti-semitic Islamic terrorist group,” reported the popular pro-Israel website Israellycool.com this week.

The U.S. State Department designates Hezbollah as a terrorist group and the seller is in Renton, Washington, which means the ban on this group in the U.S. applies to the seller’s activities.

“While these items are banned under eBay’s prohibited items/hate groups, Craig speculated that the seller appeared to be getting around the ban by putting ‘Syria War Shia Islam’ in the title, instead of the actual name of the terror group,” the Israellycool report added.

Shockingly, eBay took no action when Craig complained.

Even worse, Craig says the online auction behemoth actually blocked him from its Instagram page.

“Apparently, they banned Craig from their page because he asked the wrong question,” said Israellycool. “This is a disgraceful response from eBay, one which needs to be exposed.”

Hezbollah and its Iranian puppet-masters seek the complete annihilation of the Jewish state. Why is eBay letting people sell souvenirs associated with these genocidal hatemongers?

These shameful business practices must not be permitted!

Tell eBay to quit selling terror group paraphernalia and stop banning people who complain about it!

1. Send eBay a message on Facebook.

2. Send eBay a message on Twitter.

3. Send eBay a message on Instagram.