Amer Zahr. (screenshot)

Tell University of Detroit Mercy to sever ties with comedian-professor Amer Zahr, who fans the flames of hate as Jews are viciously attacked on the streets of the U.S.

Amid an unprecedented spike in brutal assaults by pro-Palestinian activists targeting Jews, anti-Semitic comedian and adjunct law professor Amer Zahr recently took to social media to tell people to “stop condemning anti-Semitism and terrorism.”

On May 23 he posted a video, repeating that phrase with the caption: “Stop condemning anti-Semitism. Stop it. We have been doing it for generations. So stop it. You’re not helping. If they didn’t believe us by now, that’s not our problem. Stay focused.”

Why would anyone NOT condemn Jew-hatred amid the 438% spike in anti-Semitic incidents reported by Community Security Trust since the Hamas terror group began its 11-day rocket onslaught on Israeli civilians.

When Israel retaliated by striking Hamas operatives in Gaza, anti-Semites like Zahr seized the opportunity to demonize the Jewish state and incite violence against Jews in the U.S.

Days before Zahr’s “stop condemning anti-Semitism” rant, a pro-Palestinian mob in California physically attacked a group of Jewish men at a restaurant, beginning the assault by asking, “Who’s Jewish?”

“It was a hate crime. It was prepared, they came to fight with Jewish people,” one eyewitness told CBS news in Los Angeles.

In New York, a video uploaded to social media showed a mob of dozens of pro-Palestinian supporters attacking Jewish men outside the Ess-a-Bagel restaurant as police tired to intervene.

In Albuquerque, University of New Mexico student Roni Saponar was hospitalized with internal bleeding and a concussion after a group of men beat him up when he was wearing a shirt that said, “Just Jew It,” JNS reported.

In the predominantly Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie, pro-Palestinian vigilantes smashed the windows of the Persian Hebrew Congregation synagogue and hung a “Freedom for Palestine” sign on the door.

In this climate, no one should tolerate Zahr instructing his followers on social media to “stop condemning anti-Semitism.”

Tell the University of Detroit Mercy to sever ties with Amer Zahr NOW!

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