Kamau Bobb. (screenshot)

Google discovered Kamau Bobb wrote that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for war, killing,” it moved him to a different position, instead of firing him.

Google’s Global Lead for Diversity, Strategy and Research, Kamau Bobb, was exposed this week for spouting virulently anti-Semitic opinions in a 2007 blog post.

“If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself,” he wrote.

While Anti-Semitism watchdogs demanded Bobb’s immediate termination, Google shifted him to a different position, announcing, “He will no longer be part of our diversity team going forward and will focus on his STEM [Science Technology Engineering Math] work.”

The Washington Free Beacon’s senior investigative reporter Alana Goodman discovered the hateful comments on Bobb’s website from the 2007 post, which were still posted on his website at the beginning of this week.

Bobb’s post began, “If I were a Jew today, my sensibilities would be tormented. I would find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the long cycles of oppression that Jewish people have endured and the insatiable appetite for vengeful violence that Israel, my homeland, has now acquired.”

Bobb’s one-sided diatribe had no context relating to the attacks on Israel by the Iran-backed Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups occurring around the time he penned it.

“My greatest torment would be that I’ve misinterpreted the identity offered by my history and transposed spiritual and human compassion with self righteous impunity,” Bobb concluded.

“Google must fire this anti-Semite Kamau Bobb,” tweeted the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the human rights organization that fights racism and anti-Semitism.

“‘If I Were A Jew’ … makes revolting, and anti-Semitic, comparisons between Nazi actions and that of the world’s only Jewish country. He portrays Jews as bloodthirsty,” tweeted Michael Dickson, Executive Director of the pro-Israel organization Stand With Us.

Despite the outcry, Google refuses to fire Bobb.

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