Jewish and Arab student at school. (Hand in Hand)


Numerous Israeli companies employ Israeli-Arab Muslims working happily alongside Israeli Jews, Israeli-Arab woman gets kidney from victim of anti-Semitic Lod riot, Israeli students joined thousands for the annual celebration of World ORT’s global education network, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Coexistence Is real

Articles from executives including Intel Israel and SodaStream. Numerous Israeli startups (see here), multinationals and professions employ Israeli Arab Muslims working happily alongside Israeli Jews.,7340,L-3907912,00.html,7340,L-3907941,00.html,7340,L-3907903,00.html,7340,L-3908011,00.html

Israeli Arab woman receives kidney from Jewish victim of Lod riot

One of the kidneys of Yigal Yehoshua, murdered in Lod, was donated to Randa, a female Arab resident of Jerusalem. She said, “I thank Yigal’s family, from heaven they will be comforted.” Five patients benefited from Yigal’s organs.

Connecting the world with education

Israeli students joined thousands worldwide for the annual celebration of World ORT’s global education network. This year’s theme was “connection” with youngsters in Israel, Ukraine, Panama, Italy, Brazil, Russia and more participating in a digital postcard exchange and a live quiz.

Working together

These articles are from some of the many groups dedicated to understanding and friendship between Israeli Jews and Arabs and residents of the Palestinian Authority-administered territories. The current situation is only inspiring them to work even harder.

Training for the underrepresented in Israeli hi-tec

Cybersecurity education platform Cybint and the 8200 Alumni Association are using myInterview (see here), to select candidates for a 3-month cybersecurity training course. The aim is to attract more women, haredim, Arabs and new immigrants to a career in cybersecurity.,7340,L-3908007,00.html

From the White House to VC founder

Israel’s Lee Moser describes her journey from chief of staff for the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. to become founder and managing partner of venture capital fund AnD Ventures. She realized that Israel’s strength was in technology and now controls a $30 million pre-seed tech fund.,7340,L-3908310,00.html

The Bright Initiative

Israel’s Bright Data has established The Bright Initiative to help work with British organizations to establish the UK’s National Data Strategy (NDS). During the consultancy stage, Bright Data highlighted the 3 key areas of the NDS – internet transparency, data skills, and the ethics of data collection.,7340,L-3908268,00.html