Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Youtube)

The Fatah party of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas uses its leader’s own words to call for an escalation in terror.

Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah and the PLO, took no measures to stop the Fatah party from rebroadcasting his own words to incite Arabs to commit more terror.

Official PA TV broadcast Abbas’s 2014 terror-inciting speech no fewer than 19 times over the past three days, in the wake of a terror attack by Israeli Arabs at the entrance to the Temple Mount.

The only way to put an end to the deadly rampage was to follow the armed terrorists as they fled to the Temple Mount. Yet PA TV repeatedly played Abbas’ order to prevent Jews from entering the area, essentially demanding that Israel not act to stop terror attacks.

Watch and decide for yourself whether the calls for “rage” match with Abbas’ claims to US President Donald Trump that he stands against violence.