Colin Kahl, second from right, during the Obama administration. (Pete Souza/White House Photo)

Former Obama adviser Colin Kahl was nominated for a top Pentagon post, but lawmakers are raising his anti-Israel statements, ‘volatile outbursts,’ and ‘almost always wrong’ foreign policy positions.

President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top defense post in the Pentagon, Colin Kahl, was forced to face the music during congressional questioning this week, with his “long record of volatile outbursts” laud bare by Senator Tom Cotton during a brutal round of questioning in the clip below.

Cotton is not the only one raising the alarm over Kahl’s past, with the advocacy group Christians United for Israel running ads highlighting Kahl’s “hostility toward Israel,” which it deemed “beyond unconventional” and “outlandish”

“While serving in the Obama administration, he led an effort to strip recognition of Israel’s true capital of Jerusalem from the Democratic party’s platform,” notes CUFI’s ads, which also