Blind Israeli runner Avi Salomon (right). (screenshot)


Dozens of activists with the Afikim Association joined youth-at-risk and special needs Israelis for a massive run from the capital to Eilat.

While Israel’s Afikim Family Enrichment Association provides a variety of services to disadvantaged children and their parents on a long-term basis, the unique organization is currently grabbing headlines for an awe-inspiring trek from Jerusalem to Eilat.

Run4Afikim was a three-day relay run starting in Jerusalem and ending in Eilat, with all participants completing the last few kilometers in the beach-side resort town, where they spent a relaxing Shabbat together.

Among the participants in the event, a fundraiser that raised $274,681, was Avi Salomon, a blind athlete who dreams of running a marathon in less than three hours. Check out his inspiring story!