University of Georgia students. University of Georgia students.
University of Georgia students.

good_news_from_israel_890x1002Good News Israel presents University of Georgia students vote to invest more in its relations with Israel; Israeli aid for Iraqi children, and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Students Supporting Israel at the University of Georgia.Uni votes to invest in Israel

Yes it’s not a misprint. “Invest”, not “divest”. The Student Government Association of the University of Georgia on Tuesday passed the first college resolution this year calling for the school to invest more in its relations with Israel. It is the third such resolution ever to be passed.

Making nature accessible

During Jewish Disability Awareness Month, please read this special blog by Raz Rutman about accessible hiking trails in Israel. Raz, a wheelchair user since age eight, is doing his national service with the non-profit LOTEM, dedicated to making Israeli nature accessible to people with special needs.

Safer Internet for kids

On Feb 8, the Ministry of Education launched the Annual National Week for Online Safety Education in Israel. Throughout the state educational system, students engaged in classroom and online activities to increase Internet safety awareness, reduce potential risks, and deal with harmful online incidents.

Israel moves water pumps into Gaza

Israeli authorities helped alleviate flooding in Gaza from recent rains by transferring four pumps from the Palestinian Authority into the Gaza Strip. (Contrary to AFP fake report)

Israeli aid for Iraqi children

Israeli aid organization IsraAid has been helping Kurdish, Yazidi and Christian refugees in northern Iraq who have escaped Islamic State rule. IsraAid founding director Shachar Zahavi said the goal now was to help provide a schooling framework for the children.

Last chance for Iraqi infant

This heart-wrenching story describes how Iraqi Christian refugees, escaping from ISIS, finally reached Israel where their baby daughter Maryam can be treated for a hole in her heart.

Hispanic media tour Israel

Top U.S. Latino Media and Entertainment leaders have been visiting Israel in a pioneering initiative to explore joint ventures, scout location sites and share best practices with their Israeli counterparts.

Israeli help is crucial for Nigeria

A Nigerian government spokesman has stated that Israel has been a crucial and loyal ally in the fight against the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. He said that Nigeria’s Israeli partners have used their experience fighting terrorism to provide Nigeria with the required training and support.

Countering cyber threats in Azerbaijan

Israel is helping the government of Azerbaijan defend itself against a growing number of cyber security attacks.

The “Israel-Ukraine Tech Bridge”

Despite its current problems, the Ukraine wants to become a Startup Nation like Israel. A new joint program, entitled “Israel-Ukraine Tech Bridge,” has started with a series of conferences offered in Kyiv (Kiev) by top representatives of the Israeli tech community.

Rwanda strengthens ties with Israel

East African nation Rwanda’s ICT Chamber announced that it has selected Israel to strengthen business ties and study best practices in business, innovation, workforce development and promote investment. Israel was Rwanda’s “country of choice”.


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