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Good News Israel presents smart drones; 3D printing of aircraft components and much more.

By: Michael Ordman


A new way to see yourself

Israel’s Percepto is a tiny camera that fastens to a drone and uses smart technology to capture pictures and videos “from above”. It has applications that even Percepto’s developers can’t imagine.

German electric giant opens Israeli R&D center

German energy giant RWE AG, one of the five largest energy and gas companies in Europe, is opening an innovation center in Israel in order to develop tech for a smart grid – a metering system that will keep track of how consumers use electricity.

Blackberry to establish Israeli R&D center

Canadian handset maker Blackberry has bought Israeli device security company WatchDox, whose 100 employees will form the basis of Blackberry’s Israeli Research & Development team.

Bringing TV reports to life

Israel’s Orad Hi-Tec has developed many of the slick graphic technologies used in live broadcasting. Orad has just been bought for an estimated $60 million by US video production giant Avid Technology and will become part of Avid’s new Israeli research and development facility.

3D printing of aircraft components

A new consortium of top Israeli companies and universities is to develop 3D printing technologies for the Israeli aerospace industry. The aim is to design and manufacture complex geometric structures that can only be produced by printing.

A great site in your area

Israeli startup Meetey has a new app that allows you to post a review about your experience at a particular location. The review is then highlighted to people in the area who can then decide if they want to visit. It’s like a mobile guest-book.

Smartphone for blind becomes hands-free for drivers

I reported about the Project Ray smartphone for the blind in my 13 Oct 2013 newsletter. The project team has now adapted the touch and voice technology to make the RayGo smartphone for sighted car drivers who need to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Israeli agri-tech for Mumbai

Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of India’s Maharashtra state, is heading to Tel Aviv to attend Agritech Israel 2015. He wants to replicate Israel’s agriculture technology in Maharashtra, the second most populous sub-national entity in the world, with Mumbai as its capital.

Israeli tech feeds a billion people

Rafi Mehudar is one of this year’s Israeli Independence Day torch-lighters. 42 years after he invented the modern form of drip irrigation, it is still used by only 5% of the world’s farmers. But that technology is responsible for crops that feed over a billion people.

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