Soil removed from the Tempe Mount in Jerusalem. (Temple Mount Sifting Project/screenshot).

The Temple Mount Sifting project began 20 years ago when the Islamic Waqf illegally removed 9,000 tons of soil from the Jewish Temple Mount, which contained a plethora of artifacts spanning thousands of years.

In 1999, the Islamic organization entrusted with overseeing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where a mosque was constructed following the second Jewish Temple’s destruction, embarked on an illegal construction project.

As part of its plan to build a new underground mosque, the Waqf secretly removed 9,000 tons of soil from the Temple Mount, in direct violation of Israeli antiquity regulations.

Now, the Temple Mount Sifting has enlisted the assistance of thousands of volunteers, many of them visiting tourists, who painstakingly sift through the soil, making awe-inspiring discoveries each day!