Palestinian clash with IDF in Ramllah. (Flash/90) Flash/90
Palestinian Protester Joins Clashes Against the IDF in Israel

Israeli media personality Yishai Fleisher has released a video for Israelis explaining 10 things that everyone needs to know about the current wave of Palestinian terror.

As Fleisher explains, this Palestinian “knife jihad” could be an opportunity for Israel to rise up and be strong.

The Palestinian wave of terror has generated fear and worry across Israel, but it has also brought out the strong Israeli spirit and desire for life.

These ten ideas could result in a stronger Israel than we know today.

A positive element that emerges from this ongoing terror against Jews is the growing realization that the Palestinians do not want peace. We just need to help the rest of the world understand this fact.

You can read Fleisher’s article here which provides a summary of the video.