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Palestinian Man Chases Jew and Murders Him on the Street in Radio Bethlehem 2000 Video

A Palestinian pro-terror Facebook page posted an outrageous, violent video showing an Arab ‘strong man’ chasing after and murdering a Jewish man.

The video shows clearly that the victim is a Jew, who the assailant first stabs, then shoots to death.

This kind of incitement is largely responsible for the increased terror in Israel.

Many have already reported this video to Facebook, but they won’t remove it unless we ALL take action.

Below is the link so you can report the video to Facebook.
Click the ‘Report Video’ button, under the video on the right.

NOTE: If the video does not appear that means we did our job!


Select: “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook”, “It’s threatening, violent or suicidal” and “Credible threat of violence”