In this video, Orim Shimshon introduces us to Ken O’Keefe, a man who incites hatred against Israel and anti-Semitism against the Jewish people all over the world. 

Orim Shimshon has become something of a legend on the United with Israel website. Our first video about Orim introduces us to a man who fights strongly for Israel and the Jewish people, though he himself is neither Jewish or from Israel! In WATCH: The Lone Man Who Stands for Israel, Orim attended a demonstration where he was the sole defender of Israel among a crowd of people who were exactly the opposite.

Next, Orim introduced us to Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, a very influential Muslim who claims to be moderate. As that video showed, Mr. Nakshawani is anything but moderate, spewing all sorts of Jewish hatred. In this new video, Orim introduces us to Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine who was dishonorably discharged. He renounced his US citizenship and came to Europe seeking asylum. He has waged a furious campaign against Israel and the Jews from the UK. He denies the Holocaust, encourages physical attacks, demonizes Israel and spreads lies about the Jewish people. With people like this in Europe, is it any wonder anti-Semitism is on the rise?