This is a gorgeous video of Herodium, filmed by popular producer Amir Aloni. It provides a rarely seen perspective of this fortress, which is over 2000 years old.

On the edge of the Judean Desert lies Herodium, a stunning site that was built by King Herod the Great between 23 and 15 BCE. The palace includes halls, courtyards and opulent bathhouses, among other picturesque features. This is the only structure to which Herod gave his name, showing its great importance to the ancient king. From the top of the palace one can see Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the unspoiled Judean Desert. It’s truly majestic to behold.

During the Great Revolt, when the Jews fought against the Romans, rebels had a base at Herodium. The synagogue they built can be seen to this day. During the Bar Kokhba Revolt, Jewish warriors hewed tunnels within the mountain. The tunnels are partly lit and accessible to visitors.

Anyone visiting Israel would be well advised to visit this incredible view into the past. It provides a look into Jewish life from 2000 years ago, showing the great importance that Jewish observance had in their lives.

Aloni has been a regular United with Israel contributor. His very popular videos provide us with a gorgeous perspective of Israel with sweeping panoramic views. They include the Dead Sea, the Negev and Arava, the Shokeda Forest, the Tomb of Samuel the ProphetIsraeli Air Force rescuing a hiker in the Judean DesertMigdal Tzedek Fortress and the Judean Desert After the Rain.

Herodion National Park. Israel – by Amir Aloni from Amir Aloni