Technion Passover Story


Talented, creative students at the prestigious Technion-Israel Institute of Technology tell the Passover story using robots and a lot of imagination.

In this video, Technion students use the Rube Goldberg Machine, which manages to tell the story of Passover, complete with the splitting of the Red Sea, the Burning Bush and lots of matzah! They even manage to represent all ten plagues.

This masterful feat of technology was created by a team of students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. They were joined by students from the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. But in order to get it all to work, they sought help from labs at the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry. They had to work day and night in order to get this all together, and it shows.

The film was directed by Shoot East and filmed at the Sydney & Shirley Gendel and Emanuel Friedberg Family Creative Design Student Laboratory in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.