Roger Waters (Youtube/Screenshot)

“We’ll take back the land, from the Jordan River to the [Mediterranean] Sea,” anti-Israel activist Roger Waters sang, although it is the Jewish People who are indigenous to the Land of Israel.

‘Nakba’ is Arabic for ‘catastrophe,’ and the enemies of Israel observe Nakba Day on May 15, the anniversary of the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Famous musician and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters, wearing a keffiyeh, a black-and-white checkered scarf that in recent decades has become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism, sang his new version of “We Shall Overcome” at a Nakba Day event on Friday hosted by the pro-Palestinian Jewish Voice for Peace and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The lyrics, based on anti-Israel propaganda and lies, called for “tear[ing] down the prison walls” and choosing “human rights.” Ironically, the words included, “The truth will set us all free.”