Temple Mount Desecration Restoratiion

Canadian artist Chashi Skobac produced this video which shows the rescue of Jerusalem Temple Mount artifacts from a garbage dump in the Kidron Valley.

In the video post, Chashi writes:

I was inspired by this mission because it rescued physical evidence that the first and second Jewish Temple, i.e. King Solomon’s Temple, stood on the Jerusalem Temple Mount. For political reasons, many people are trying to deny this Jewish history. Many ancient artifacts from other time periods and cultures were saved as well.

I was inspired artistically for the many ironic themes in this story. It reminds me of Psalm 113:7 “He raises
the needy from the dust, from the trash heap He lifts the destitute.” http://www.theupliftedcanvas.com/

As the video explains, in 1999, 300 truckloads of earth were bulldozed from the Temple Mount and dumped into the Kidron Valley. There were precious artifacts buried within that earth dating back over 2500 years. Fortunately, two Israeli archaeologists led a mission that rescued many of the artifacts. Unfortunately, however, illegal digging continues to this day as Muslims controlling the Mount do their best to erase the Jewish connection to Israel.

Rescuing Temple Mount Treasures, an artist’s rendition by Chashi Skobac > theupliftedcanvas.com