Resident of Southern Israel (Screenshot)

Israelis living in communities bordering the Gaza Strip speak about enduring Hamas’ terror in recent months and their fervent hope for peace!

Since 2001, Palestinian terrorists have fired from the Gaza Strip thousands of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians as part of their plan to destroy Israel.

Now, in recent weeks, as part of the violent, Hamas-led “March of Return” riots on the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinians in the Strip have been using “fire kites” to terrorize Israel.

The damage this causes to the land of Israel and Israeli citizens’ mental health is horrific.

Listen to the stories of Israelis who survive the ongoing threat of Hamas terror and their fervent hope for peace!

Israelis share their experience of living under Hamas terror

Take a minute and watch the stories of these Israelis from communities bordering the Gaza strip, sharing their experiences of living under Hamas terror, which has been targeting them with rockets & with arson terrorism, setting fires to their lands.

Posted by StandWithUs on Saturday, July 14, 2018