Unabashedly pro-Israel rapper Young Gravy. (screenshot)


There’s a new rapper on the block, and he’s proud to be Jewish and loves the State of Israel!

While the haters try to flood the internet with anti-Israel vitriol and propaganda, a fresh voice of positivity and pride recently emerged.

Indeed, Young Gravy raps about his love for Israel and his pride in the Jewish nation:

“I’m proud of my people, what we accomplished.
You’re crazy if you think some rocket barrages will stop us.
Look through our history and we’ve been through it all,
made it through slavery and a holocaust and still standing tall,
At the Kotel, Western Wall, saying the ‘Sh’ma,’ meditating,
On all the populations, to whom this song is dedicated!”

His amazing message is already driving anti-Israel haters up the wall!