The aftermath of the bombing of the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo/Jim Bourdier, File)


This so-called Palestinian journalist thinks killing American soldiers is a great thing and hopes that Iran will launch a major attack on Israel.

British-Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan recently told a Hezbollah-backed TV channel that the Lebanese terror group ran the U.S. out of Beirut by killing hundreds of American soldiers in a truck bombing in 1983.

After gloating about that attack, Atwan said that there are 150,000 missiles in Lebanon, 200,000 missiles in Syria, and hundreds of thousands of missiles in Iran, all of which our pointed at Israel.

Atwan predicted that such an attack would spark “the last war in the region.” While he may be correct about that, the victor of such a confrontation wouldn’t be the blood-thirsty regimes and vicious terror proxies he champions.