PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotaki, to Jerusalem, June 16, 2020. (Youtube/Screenshot)

Among other issues, including security and bilateral ties, the two leaders discussed opening of tourism between their countries in the shadow of the coronavirus, with August 1 as the target date.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was in Israel Tuesday for “what was perhaps the first G2G in the world in the corona period, or one of them,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a joint media conference.

“This reflects two things. It reflects the fact that we have been both quite successful in battling the corona epidemic and it also reflects the tremendous friendship that is building between Israel and Greece,” Netanyahu said.

Ministers from the two countries signed MOUs in cyber, agriculture, energy and tourism. Netanyahu declared 1 August as the target date for opening the skies to Greece and Cyprus.

Earlier, the two leaders discussed the Iranian nuclear threat, the latest regional developments, Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria and other security issues. They also discussed tightening bilateral strategic ties including those between their militaries and in the field of intelligence, as well as strengthening bilateral cooperation between their security industries and – inter alia – in tourism, energy, cyber, agriculture, smart cities and water technologies.