Israeli-Arab, Muslim Zionist teen Mahdi Satri. (YouTube)

A Muslim, Arab-Israeli teen choosing to serve in the IDF tells “the truth” about Israel, urging as many people as possible to share this video.

Israeli-Arab Mahdi Satri, 17, introduces this video by saying, “Today I decided to break the silence and to tell the truth about Israel and what’s really happening in Israel from an Israeli Arab, Muslim view.”

If you’re an Israeli Arab, you can be whatever you want to be, he stresses. “Israeli Arabs are living in heaven in Israel.”

According to Satri, anyone who claims that Israel is an apartheid or racist state has no idea about the reality.

What is the source of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?

Does the world care at all about the terror attacks against Jews and Christians?

“Wake up, people,” Satri says in his heartfelt plea to the world.