Sara Zoabi walks in Jerusalem wearing a burqa/YouTube Screenshot

Muslim Zionist Sarah Zoabi conclusively disproves the claim that Israel is an apartheid state, strolling freely in religious garb without facing any discrimination in the Jewish state. 

One of the many lies that anti-Israel activists try to spread is that Israel is an “apartheid state,” despite the fact that Israelis of all religious and ethnic backgrounds share equal rights and opportunity.

Muslim Zionist Sarah Zoabi disproves this claim as she walks around Jerusalem wearing a burka, a Muslim religious garment heavily debated in some European countries, without facing any racism or discrimination.

Watch this video and see how Israel fails…at being a racist, apartheid state. Share the truth!

Welcome to the violent racist apartheid state

Well, I learned one thing; Israel sucks at being an “apartheid” state.

Posted by Avi Yemini on Wednesday, January 3, 2018