Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas addresses the UN, Sept. 20, 2017. (AP/Seth Wenig)

Netanyahu has described the UN emergency session that voted against Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as a “theater of the absurd.” Here are some reasons why that term is fitting.

Why are some Arab states claiming that Resolutions 181, 242 and others constitute international law when they originally rejected them?

Why is Israel the only country in the world supposedly not allowed to decide its own capital?

Why is the US the only nation to be told where it may or may not place its own embassies?

In the history of the UN there have been only 10 emergency sessions – five of them related to Israel. As there are 124 global territorial disputes and at least 60 active conflicts in the world, why did Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem prompt an emergency session?

Watch this video for more on what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described as a “theater of the absurd.”