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On March 21, 2015, in the midst of nuclear negotiations, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responds to chants of “Death to America” by saying: “Death to America, of course.” 

From this video, it’s very clear to see what the Iranians and their Supreme Leaderfeel about the US. It’s so important to keep in mind that this is the regime with which the P5+1 nations are establishing a nuclear deal. How can Iran be trusted?

As cited by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri):

“Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responded to the crowd’s chants of ‘Death to America’ by saying: “Death to America, of course, because America is the principal element behind this pressure [i.e., the economic sanctions].”

Khamenei said that Obama had said “some dishonest things”and that the American goal was “to turn the [Iranian] people against the system.” The address was broadcast on the Iranian news channel IRINN.”