US Staff Sgt. Brian Mast came to Israel in order to volunteer with the IDF, show his support for the Jewish State and set an example for his children about true values. 

Staff Sgt. Brian Mast is a decorated American soldier who lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan. He attends Harvard University, works for the US government and is expecting the birth of his third child. His injuries did not slow him down in the least. You can learn more about his remarkable story here.

When Mast managed to organize some free time, he decided to use it in a way that would set an example to his own children about the importance of values. So he booked a flight to Israel and volunteered with the IDF. Moving around on prosthetic limbs, Mast has been an inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to meet him. In this video, he is interviewed by Yishai Fleisher of Israeli radio show Voices of Israel.