Meir Kay (R) with Shlomo Gaisin (L) and Zachariah Goldschmiedt (C) of the band Zusha in Uman before Rosh Hashana. (screenshot)


Join social media star Meir Kay as he dives into the Rosh Hashanah action in Uman, a major pilgrimage site for Jews as the home of the tomb of beloved sage Rabbi Nachman.

Ukraine might seem like a strange holiday choice for thousands of Israelis, and tens of thousands of other Jews from across thew world, but a city called Uman remains one of the top destinations for Jews during the High Holidays.

Praying near the tomb of spiritual leader Rabbi Nachman of Breslov remains the primary draw, however, the joyous prayers and celebration that erupts during the days leading up to and after Rosh Hashana keep spiritual seekers returning each year.

This year, social media maven Meir Kay took the plunge, and discovered an electric spiritual experience that rocked his world. Join him on this wild, yet holy, ride!