Gene Simmons Defends Israel Bashes Obama

In this politically charged interview, Israeli-born Gene Simmons of the highly successful rock band Kiss discusses President Obama and the suggestion that Israel return to the 1967 borders.

Gene Simmons explains his belief that US President Obama is in no position to squeeze Israel into borders that are nine miles wide and extremly vulnerable to enemy attack. Simmons appears to be referring to the dangers of the two-state solution. Many think it’s a good idea, but as Simmons explains, it would create indefensible borders.

It’s encouraging to see a celebrity such as Gene Simmons stand up so strongly for Israel. We would love to see others do the same. After discussing Obama, Simmons turns his attention to the United Nations. His words are less than kind about the UN. His message sounds a bit funny, but is dead serious. We all need to speak out and defend Israel.