Joe and Hadassah Lieberman parting with their daughter who immigrated to Israel (Nefesh B’ Nefesh Facebook)

Lieberman expresses pride in his daughter’s immigration to Israel with her family.

Former US Senator Joe Lieberman spoke with passion about his daughter Hana Lowenstein’s imminent immigration to Israel with her husband and four children.

“Baruch Hashem (thank G-d), . . .  there is Israel, the Jewish State of Israel, for young people like our daughter and son-in-law, to decide they want by choice to go to. Thank G-d it’s there for people who don’t have the choice, who are running away from somewhere.”

While Lowenstein acknowledged that the beginning of aliyah can be stressful, she expressed joy and confidence in her decision to make the move.

Hear a proud father glow about his daughter’s aliyah, and a young mother explain how her family made the decision to live in the Holy Land!