Abdirahim Hussein (youtube screenshot) Abdirahim Hussein (youtube screenshot)
Abdirahim Hussein

A prominent Finnish politician who hails from Somalia has joined the age-old blood libel against the Jews, accusing Israel of murdering innocent victims.

Abdirahim Hussein, a candidate for Finland’s Center Party, has accused Israel of systematically murdering Palestinian children, women and the elderly.

“We have for the last few years witnessed brutal actions in which children, women and the elderly having been systematically murdered. This all happened less than a year ago,” he wrote in his blog last week, seemingly relating to Operation Protective Edge, which Israel launched last summer to contend with Hamas’ terror.

Born in Somalia, Hussein, a journalist and social activist, immigrated to Finland in 1994. He is ranked 13th on the Center Party’s list, meaning that he has a very good chance of being elected. The Center Party is the largest party in the country and holds 36 of the 200 government seats.