Hezbollah’s child soldiers. (AP//Mohammed Zaatari)

Hezbollah is recruiting teens and children and brainwashing them. Boys have been turned into vicious murderers who are taught to hate Jews.

By: The Algemeiner staff

The vehement anti-Israel and anti-US indoctrination Lebanese Shia children receive in their early years was highlighted in a Deutsche Welle article published this week.

The German media outlet quoted Fatima — who brought her six-year-old son Ali to a recent Hezbollah rally in the Dahieh neighborhood of southern Beirut — as saying, “This is the right age to learn about how the Jews took our land…America helps Israel regularly and imposes war on us and now the Satan wants to give our mosque to the Jews” — a reference to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Ali himself said, “Jews and Americans are my enemy.”

In a speech delivered by video at the rally, according to the Deutsche Welle report, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah — whose group has been heavily engaged in the Syrian Civil War in recent years as an ally of the Assad regime — declared, “After victory in Syria and Iraq, we will focus on Israel.”

The report also described Hezbollah-run summer camps at which kids are put through fitness exercises, fighting training and religion lessons.

“We all want to fight for Hezbollah one day, inshallah,” 14-year-old Hezbollah boy scout Abbas was quoted as saying. “I want to crush Israel under my feet.”