Polish and Jewish youths remove painted swastikas from desecrated gravestones. (AP/Maciej Kuron) (AP/Maciej Kuron)
Polish and Jewish youths remove painted swastikas from desecrated gravestones

vandalized tombstone

Vandalized headstones in the Jewish cemetery in Olkusz, Poland. (Adam Szydlowski)

The city of Olkusz in southern Poland has decided to set up security at its Jewish cemetery and build a high wall around the site following vandalism and anti-Semitic graffiti that defaced headstones.

Israel Hayom had reported that dozens of headstones were smashed, some were burned, and others were sprayed with graffiti, including the Polish words for “Jews out.”

Many in Poland expressed anger that the cemetery was unprotected. When the criticism reached Olkusz Mayor Roman Piasnik, he announced that the situation was unacceptable and decided to take immediate action to protect the cemetery from anti-Semitic gangs.

City Councilman Adam Szydlowski, who was active in promoting security for the site, said, “I’m happy that this is what the mayor decided. He promised to take care of the matter without delay. I hope and believe that the promise will soon become action. I’m following the subject of the Jewish cemeteries in the area and vandalism like this must not be happen again.”

By: JNS.org