Rocket hits bus in Holon. (Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS)

Palestinian terrorists killed a 50-year-old civilian in Rishon Lezion and wounded a 5-year-old girl in Holon – both in the greater Tel Aviv area.

On Tuesday evening, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched another massive deadly rocket barrage on central Israel, hitting a bus in Holon and killing a 50-year-old civilian in Rishon Lezion.

Earlier in the day, two women were killed by Palestinian rockets. That Palestinian attack struck a direct hit on a home Ashkelon, killing 32-year-old Soumya Santosh of India and sending the elderly Israeli woman she cared for to the hospital in serious condition.

The deadly strikes were part of a Palestinian onslaught during which terrorists in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.

On Tuesday night, terrorists launched missiles at Tel Aviv only hours after they hit a bus in Holon, south of Tel Aviv.

Three people were wounded in the Holon strike, including one victim who was only five years old.

Due to the threat of rockets, Israel closed down Ben-Gurion Airport.

In response to the rocket attack, Israel pounded terror targets in Gaza, leveling a high-rise building.

An IDF strike took out the head of the the Islamic Jihad terror group’s rocket unit, Sameh Fahim Hashem Al-Mamluk, in addition to two other terrorists firing rockets at Israel, according to the group’s website.

“As the rockets rose into the skies, mosques across Gaza blared with chants of ‘God is great,’ ‘victory to Islam’ and ‘resistance,’” the Associated Press reported.

The Israeli military also sent troops to the Gaza border, and 5,000 reserve soldiers were mobilized.

Palestinians launched the barrage of rockets after hours of violent rioting by Arabs on the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.