The attacker who stabbed IDF soldiers with a screwdriver is transported to medical treatment after being neutralized by IDF forces. (TPS)

Palestinian terrorists continue to attack Israeli civilians and soldiers unprovoked.

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and wounded two IDF soldiers at the El Aroub intersection in Gush Etzion on Monday.

The terrorist attacked the IDF unit that was securing Route 60 with a screwdriver, and the soldiers responded by shooting the terrorist. He sustained serious wounds to his abdomen and was evacuated to an Israel hospital.

Medical teams treated the two victims, one with light wounds to his head, and the other for light wounds to his hand.

They were both evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

Palestinian sources identified the terrorist as Muhammed Baradia, 35, whose brother Ibrahim, 54, was shot and killed by IDF soldiers three months ago at the same spot when he attacked them with an ax.

Gush Etzion has been the site of multiple Palestinian terror attacks, several of them fatal.

This incident was the latest in a long series of Palestinian terror attacks, which have plagued Israelis over the course of over 10 months, claiming the lives of 39 victims and wounding over 500.