Site of the attack. (TPS)

The deceptive quiet on Israel’s streets was broken today when a Palestinian terrorist once again attempted to murder innocent Jews.

After a week of relative peace on Israel’s streets, Palestinian terror has struck again – a Palestinian female terrorist stabbed and wounded an Israeli woman on Sunday in Rosh Ha’ayin in central Israel.

The victim, 30, sustained light stab wounds to her hand and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The terrorist, 23, a resident of nearby Kafr Kassem, was spotted and chased by civilians who were in the vicinity of the attack, and then overpowered by a security guard who saw the attack. She was found to be carrying another knife in her bag.

Police said she was detained and taken in for further questioning.

The recent Palestinian wave of violence is marked by an increased female role, with several teenager females driven to mostly suicidal attacks by incessant incitement by the Palestinian leadership

This incident was the latest in a long series of almost daily Palestinian terror attacks, which have plagued Israelis over the course of over six months, claiming the lives of 33 victims and wounding some 400.