English and Hebrew speakers alike enjoyed the president’s reading of “A Room for Rent,” a best-selling children’s book that includes an important message during these challenging times.

With Israel on virtual lockdown due to efforts to control the spread of coronavirus, parents are seeking new ways to entertain their children and continue their education.

Recognizing the challenges, President Reuven Rivlin took to social media on Thursday to offer some grandfatherly help. He invited families to join in a book reading, saying that he “decided to give you a short break, to be with you – from afar – but with you…

“Read along with me, the whole family or just the children (and take the time for a coffee, without your phone).”

He read the Hebrew-language children’s book “A Room for Rent,” by Leah Goldberg, and provided English subtitles.

The story, appropriate for the stressful situation, is about five animals who live together in a flat and learn to tolerate each other.

The late author’s writings are considered classics of Israeli literature.