Anti-Israel propaganda on display in Europe. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The initiative represents a “collusion between UN agencies and radical anti-peace NGOs for political warfare.”

Numerous organizations targeting Israel will soon be receiving millions of dollars from a UN agency to bolster activities intended to “hold Israel accountable for its obligations under international law,” according to a fresh report published by a Jerusalem-based organization.

The 73-page document, entitled “United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) State of Palestine 2018-2022” details the various Palestinian causes to which funds will be allocated as part of an agreement signed with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

As part of the “Strategic Programming Framework” designed to “support Palestine’s path to independence” and other “pillars of the government’s National Policy Agenda,” the agreement lays out UN plans to dedicate vast financial resources to “support Palestinian institutions.”

It states that it will help these institutions to “effectively access international accountability mechanisms in order to hold Israel accountable for its violations under international law.”

Moreover, the report outlines that the purpose of the cash will be to augment efforts to “actively monitor, advocate and mobilize on human rights violations” in reference to Israel.

Indicating that the document’s raison d’être is itself hypocritical and anti-Israel, the watchdog group NGO Monitor, which published its findings on the report Sunday, highlighted, “There is no parallel support for ‘monitoring, advocating and mobilizing’ in response to Palestinian violations under the human rights treaties the Palestinian Authority has signed.”

In addition to the organizations that will be eligible to receive the streams of cash, the report sets out budgetary plans for other UN organizations which will provide support for “Palestine’s path to independence.”

Among those appearing on the list to promote that goal is UNESCO, from which Israel recently announced its decision to withdraw, along with the US, following a string of anti-Israel resolutions, including ignoring Jewish ties to Jerusalem and designating Hebron a “Palestinian World Heritage Site.”

According to NGO Monitor’s report, these “massive amounts of money (for these same organizations and UN agencies) for their ongoing anti-Israel political warfare campaigns… will do nothing to revitalize the ‘stalled peace process’ or the creation of a ‘peaceful and just Palestinian society.’”

Such UN initiatives, NGO Monitor added, only exemplify the “longstanding collusion between UN agencies and radical anti-peace NGOs for political warfare…Many of these organizations promote antisemitism, rejectionism, and BDS.”

Israel has long taken issue with international bodies such as the UN and the EU for pumping money into groups it believes have a political motive, often undermining the Israel Defense Forces and presenting a negative image of the country abroad.