Jonathan Xie, who tried to aid the Hamas terror group. (screenshot)


Jonathan Xie tried to send the terror group a donation, claimed he was going to “shoot everybody” at a pro-Israel event, and said he wanted to bomb Trump Tower.

A New Jersey man named Jonathan Xie pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges related to his activities trying to aid the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The 21-year-old Basking Ridge resident was also responsible for a string of disturbing, violent rants on social media.

These include an Instagram video in which Xie dressed up in a black ski mask, railed against “Zionism,” and claimed he would join Hamas “if [he] could find a way,” reported.

Xie also flashed a handgun and a Hamas flag in that clip and bragged about wanting to show up at a pro-Israel event “to shoot everybody.”

The 21-year-old Hamas-lover also said he wanted to blow up Trump Tower and the Israeli embassy in New York City, according to federal authorities. reported that the FBI saw Xie near Trump Tower in April 2019.

Xie also sent $100 to an individual he thought was connected with Hamas, posting to social media shortly thereafter that he was “pretty sure it was illegal but [didn’t] give a damn.”

Xie could receive an up to 10-year sentence based on the charges he faces.