PM Netanyahu speaking at Cyber Week in Tel Aviv University (GPO/Haim Zach)

“This affects every country in the world. It affects every person in the world,” Netanyahu told the international audience at the Tel Aviv cyber conference.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel is capable of preventing the hijacking of airliners through its advanced methods of cyber security.

Speaking on Wednesday at the 9th Annual Cyber Week Conference at Tel Aviv University, the prime minister spoke of cyber security as “a very complex issue,” adding that “we cooperate in cyber security as never before and in many other fields of intelligence.

Said Netanyahu: “We have today cooperation, first, with our great and irreplaceable ally, the United States of America.”

However, the Israeli premier also detailed a case involving life-saving assistance to Australia.

A “plane leaving from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was going to be exploded in midair,” Netanyahu told his audience, “and we found out through our cyber activities…that ISIS was going to do this. So we alerted Australian police and they stopped this before it happened.”

The prime minister explained that this particular incident had been “leaked in the press so I can talk about it.”

There are, however, many more cases that have not been revealed, said Netanyahu.

“If you multiply that 50 times, that will give you an idea of the contribution that Israel has made to prevent major terrorist operations, especially by ISIS in dozens of countries, and most of those cases were foiled because of our activities in cyber security,” the prime minister told the Cyber Week Conference.

Netanyahu has touted Israel’s growing relationships in a number of regions of the world, and says that the Jewish State can help countries anywhere in the realm of cyber security.

“This affects every country in the world. It affects every person in the world. It affects them not only in aviation and transportation, it affects them in everything. Israel has seized the opportunities and is meeting the dangers and we invite you to do the same with us in partnership,” the prime minister told the international audience in Tel Aviv.