Muslim Man Discovers that he is Jewish


Mumtaz Hlooah had always assumed he was Muslim – until he discovered that since his maternal grandmother is Jewish… he is Jewish too! This sudden and shocking revelation launched him on a journey of spiritual reawakening. 

Having been raised as a Muslim in Kuwait, Mumtaz never learned about the Holocaust or anything positive about Jews or Israel. In fact, all that he heard about Jews was extremely negative. This was his view of Jews until that fateful day when he had a “chance” encounter with a religious Jew…

Once he discovered that his maternal being grandmother Jewish meant that we was actually Jewish, his life was transformed forever. Believe it or not – he married to a Jewish girl, lives as a fully observant Orthodox Jew and lives in Israel…

Presenting… Mumtaz Hlooah’s incredible story. Make sure to watch and share with your family and friends!