The multi-sensory Van Gogh Experience comes to Israel in 2020. (screenshot)


The cutting-edge “experience” uses projections “intertwined with a symphony of sound and extravagant light shows” to “immerse the viewer in an all-encompassing 360 degree spectacle,” reports Time Out.

“Van Gogh Alive,” which bills itself as “the world’s most visited multimedia exhibition experience,” is coming to Herzliya, Israel this month. The exhibit will run January 16 to April 18.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam sponsored the production, which uses multi-sensory technology to immerse visitors in the work of the famous artist Vincent van Gogh. Through large wall projections, music, and narrated episodes, the exhibit takes visitors on a journey through van Gogh’s life and work.

To host the event’s complex infrastructure, the arena in Herzliya underwent special renovations. Thousands of the iconic artist’s works will be showcased in the exhibit, which relies on artificial intelligence “to project larger than life images on enormous walls between sharp corners, towering columns, open ceilings, and even the floor. ”

The exhibition’s design permits visitors to “examine the micro details and techniques of van Gogh’s art like never before,” according to Time Out. “The projections are intertwined with a symphony of sound and extravagant light shows that immerse the viewer in an all encompassing 360 degree spectacle.”

For more than 150 years, van Gogh’s unique style has influenced the art world. So far, “Van Gogh Alive” has toured 50 countries, receiving high praise from art critics and casual fans alike.