Linda Sarsour. (shutterstock)

Anti-Israel crusader Linda Sarsour is enamored with a far-left opinion piece in the New York Times that envisions Israel disappearing as the world’s only “Jewish state”?

Linda Sarsour has had a hard time evading accusations of anti-Semitism, from professing her love for hate-preacher Louis Farrakhan to chairing an organization that recently endorsed a rally in New York where “no Zionists or cops” were welcome, according to ads for the event. Sarsour has even made the historically impossible claim that Jesus was a “Palestinian.”

Sarsour’s most recent foray into the Israel-Palestinian conflict is her ringing endorsement for a column by Peter Beinart in The New York Times titled “I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State.”

Beinart is a major opponent of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and fantasizes in his Times op-ed about “a Jewish home that is not a Jewish state.”

Predictably, Sarsour immediately took a liking to the idea of a Jew, Beinart, envisioning the end of the world’s only “Jewish state,” sharing the article on Facebook.

She added, “Palestinians have made some of the same arguments that Peter Beinart is making about why a one-state solution is the only way forward but have often been dismissed as anti-Semites.”

The New York native added an obligatory reference to “occupation,” before inviting other Israeli haters to “Take a read.”

Sarsour ended on a hopeful note, “Maybe Zionists will listen to one of their own.”

Let’s hope not.