UWI Executive Director David Zeit (L) and Gov. Mike Huckabee. (Photo: Jared Bernstein)
Mike Huckabee and David Zeit


David Zeit

David Zeit, executive director, United with Israel

David Zeit, executive director of United with Israel, was interviewed by Dave Gordon of Landmark Report to discuss UWI’s recent ‘Three Million Strong’ celebration and the success of the organization. 

Landmark Report is an online news site that provides readers with what they call “The Next Generation of News.” As per their website,

Landmark Report offers news and views about all topics from all points of view, even from perspectives ignored by the mainstream media. Not plagued by politically correct, establishment thinking, our team of contributors from around the world isn’t afraid to tackle the tough debates and offer pointed commentary on political and social issues.” (http://landmarkreport.com/about)

Landmark Report has recognized the great work that United with Israel is doing, especially in light of our recent “Three Million Strong” celebration. Dave Gordon, Landmark Report‘s managing editor, interviewed David Zeit, UWI executive director. The interview discusses the recent celebration and the organization itself. To listen, click on the link below: