A Jordanian burns an Israeli flag. (AP/Illustrative) (AP/Illustrative)
Jordanian burns Israeli flag

A Jordanian vendor was reportedly arrested for desecrating an Israeli flag and inciting hatred among his customers. Other shop owners, however, followed suit.

A shop owner in the northern Jordanian city of Irbid was arrested for painting an Israeli flag on the floor with the expectation that customers would stomp on it as a show of hatred for the Jewish state and in support of the current wave of Palestinian terror.

His son, Qusai Ja’roun, told the Arabic 21 news site that his father, not named in the report, was held on charges of disrupting relations with a friendly country, the Times of Israel reported on Wednesday. He was released on bail with payment of 3,000 dinars (roughly $4,200) and a promise not to do it again.

Nevertheless, other store owners copied his act and drew Israeli flags on their own floors in a show of solidarity with the arrested man.