Israeli Arabs in the town of Majd al-Krum in the North protest against violence and organized crime in their communities, Oct. 3, 2019. Sign reads, “The government abandoned the Arabs.” (David Cohen/FLASH90)

“This is major news for Arab society in Israel,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

The Cabinet on Monday approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s NIS 150 million proposal to strengthen the Arab-sector communities and reduce crime, the Prime Minister’s Office announced in a press release.

“This is major news for Arab society in Israel,” Netanyahu said. “I thank the Cabinet ministers who approved the proposal, the goal of which is to deal with crime in the Arab sector and strengthen the personal sense of security of the residents of the Arab communities.

“I would like to thank all of the government ministers and ministries that took part in the work process in formulating the plan, and Prime Minister’s Office Acting Director General Tzachi Braverman.”

To implement the decision, NIS 150 million has been allocated to build and expand five new and existing police stations, two fire stations and multi-purpose buildings for community services in Arab communities, as well as to establish a special Israel Police unit dedicated to the fight against crime in the Arab sector.

The decision adopts the principles for action that were formulated by a team of government ministry director generals.

The decision also determines that the Public Security Ministry and the Israel Police will advance two organized campaigns to collect weapons and will carry out expedited operational activity to seize illegal weaponry in Arab sector communities.

An inter-ministerial team will also be formed to deal with the bringing in of illegal weaponry to Israeli territory.

Furthermore, the announcement said, a professional team will work to advance plans to deal with family violence that has become ingrained in Arab sector communities by giving the communities the flexibility to adapt the plans to the special needs of Arab society. Additional actions will be taken to strengthen Arab society and social-community frameworks for dealing with crime and violence.