Israel’s Netta wins Eurovision 2018. (AP/Armando Franca)

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta Barzilai performed with “China’s Beyoncé” for an enormous crowd.

Israeli pop queen Netta Barzilai performed with “China’s Beyoncé” Naomi Wang Ju at the the Zhejiang Satellite TV Autumn Festival in China on Friday.

Barzilai, known for encouraging individual expression, and Wang, who challenges the Chinese stereotype of porcelain skin by flaunting her tanned and freckled body, proved to be a perfect duo.

Barzilai performed her hit “Nana Banana,” before an adoring audience of 500 million people. This was her first performance in China.

On Sunday, Barzilai wrote on her Instagram account:

“I just can’t believe how fortunate I am. I got a CRAZY opportunity to sing my song in front of 500 million people that know nothing about me — live on Chinese television. It felt so surreal.
In China they do not use our social media like FB or IG, and all the streaming platforms are different. It’s like starting from scratch and there’s nothing more beautiful and painful than that.
I want to say thanks to @naomiwangjv who welcomed me so well and sang so beautifuly with me.”

Since winning 2018 Eurovision for Israel with her song “Toy,” inspiring female empowerment, Barzilai has enjoyed large success in Israel as well as internationally. Wiwi Bloggs reports that superstar Wang also “could make her big international break soon.”

The north-central African country of Chad, which borders Libya and Sudan, recently issued two stamps featuring Barzilai’s image.