Terror victim Shlomit Krigman (Facebook)

Although doctors fought for hours to save her life, Shlomit Krigman, 24, died of critical wounds she sustained in a Palestinian terror attack the day before.  

Shlomit Krigman, who was stabbed and critically wounded by Palestinian terrorists Monday evening in Beit Horon, succumbed to her wounds and died early Tuesday morning after doctors fought for several hours to save her life.

Krigman, 24, and Adina Cohen, 58, were stabbed before a security guard shot and killed the two terrorists.

Cohen, who was hospitalized with moderate stab wounds, is recovering remarkably, her doctors reported.

Krigman, the daughter of Yitzchak and Na’ama, came from Shadmot Mehola in the Jordan Valley and was the oldest of seven children.

She studied industrial design at Ariel University where, for her final project, she designed a mobile public library that would bring people together to communicate within the urban framework. A friend described her as good-hearted, caring and very creative.

The Beit Horon community stated after Shlomit’s death that she “was loved and well-known. She did her National Service as a group leader with the Bnei Akiva youth group in Beit Horon. In the past year, Shlomit lived with her grandparents in the community.”

Her grandparents are among the founding members of the community.

Krigman will be buried in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

In the meantime, IDF forces set up checkpoints at the entrances to the Palestinian village of Beit Ur al-Tahta, from which one of the terrorists came.

Similarly, forces continued with their counter-terror operations and arrested four Palestinians suspected of terror activities at various locations in Judea and Samaria.

These incidents were the latest in a long series of almost daily Palestinian terror attacks, which have plagued Israelis over the course of the past three-and-a-half months, claiming the lives of 29 victims and wounding over 280.