(Meitarim Spokesman)


Military academy students near the Gaza Strip are filling the holes created by terrorists’ rockets with beautiful trees.


Students of the “Mietarim” pre-military academy in Nahal Oz, situated near the Gaza Strip, have initiated a new project in which they are filling craters created by rocket explosions with trees.

They planted their first tree, a lemon tree, this week and have plans to add many more such trees to the terror-struck area.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists fired over 700 rockets at Israeli cities and towns throughout the south last week, killing four Israelis.

Noa Yanai, a student at the academy, said that planting these trees at the place where the rockets fell gives them a sense of permanence in the area.

“In a place where the rocket fell, evil is created. We are conveying a message that something good is growing within this evil,” she said.

Academy head Rabbi Yaniv Mezuman quoted the famous protector of children during the Holocaust, Janusz Korczak, intoning, “He who cares for days, sows wheat. He who cares for years, plants trees. But he who cares for generations, educates people.”

“In Nahal Oz, we combined education with the planting of trees,” concluded Rabbi Mezuman.