Cherian Tenny (L), Chief Operating Officer, Quality Services, Tata Projects, exchanges MoU with Michael Rutman, Member of the Board of Directors, Water-Gen Ltd. (Water-Gen)

Israel’s Water-Gen is launching a water generation pilot with India’s Tata; an Israeli agricultural group is joining with an Israeli non-profit to mentor agri-tech entrepreneurs; and much more.


Generating water in India

Israel’s Water-Gen is launching a water generation pilot with India’s Tata. A joint entity in India will oversee local manufacture and installment of mid-size AWG (Atmospheric Water Generators) GEN-350G units.,7340,L-3730063,00.html

Agriculture for good

Israel’s agricultural group Yakhin is joining with Israeli non-profit Tech for Good, to set up Yakhin Impact – an accelerator to mentor agri-tech entrepreneurs. It will help sustainable development start-ups develop solutions with the potential to transform agriculture in Israel and globally.

Saving Africa’s crops from going to waste

Israel’s Farmster links Tanzanian farmers to buyers for their crops even if they can’t access the Internet. They are given a simple SMS (texting) facility on their low-tech mobile phones and the buyers (who have smartphones and the FarmZee app) can quickly see what is available.

TAU’s Russian Intelligence ally

No, not a spy story. Tel Aviv University is partnering Russian tech company Yandex to provide courses in artificial intelligence (AI). The Yandex Machine Learning Initiative, will feature courses on machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.,7340,L-3730256,00.html

Boot camp for hi-tech developers

Muhammad Zahalqa, CTO of Experis Israel (part of Manpower group), came on ILTV news to explain how his company trains Israeli graduates for the hi-tech industry. In his words, turning them into “ninja developers” to help address the shortage of technical skills in the Startup Nation.

Smartphone case and selfie stick in one

Why carry your smartphone in one pocket and a selfie stick in another?  That’s what the son of David Sherman, CEO of Israeli startup Stikbox, thought. The promotion video for Stikbox received nearly 10 million hits on Facebook and over 380,000 on Youtube.

Superfast Internet cable by 2020

A new sub-sea Internet cable will connect Israel with Spain in 2020 that will have 40 times more capacity than existing Internet cables. The new 7,700 km cable will reach Bilbao, Spain, where an equally powerful internet cable already connects Spain to the main Internet backbone.

Cutting energy costs for hotels

I reported previously (see here) on two Israeli startups with energy-saving solutions for hotels. Now Israel’s Vortex Energy uses sensors to compare a hotel’s internal and external temperatures to control heating and air conditioning systems. It can save up to 20% of a hotel’s operating costs.

Upgrading India’s optical network

Israel’s ECI has been chosen by Idea Cellular Ltd (Idea), the third largest mobile operator in India and sixth-ranked in the world, to upgrade its optical network. Idea has nearly 200 million subscribers. ECI is a global provider of flexible network solutions.

WiFi charger wins CES innovation award

I reported previously (here) about Israel’s WiFi charging system Wi-Charge that charges mobile phones using infra-red beams in the ceiling lights. Wi-Charge received FDA approval in 2017 and won the Best of Innovation (Smart Energy Product) award at CES 2018.

Secure cashless payment

Israel’s On Track Innovations (OTI) makes secure cashless payment solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, vending machines and petrol pumps. OTI’s UNO-8 (SATURN 8700) system has just been granted EMVCo Visa & Mastercard approval.

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